Boat shoes - at least look like you know which side is starboard


The boat shoe has been a staple for sailors, boaters and prepsters for decades.


Now here at NOTA we're not followers, but people who own boats must surely have life (and footwear) figured out and are worth a tip or two.


Combining an easy casual style and uncompromising functionality the boat shoe should be an essential in every man's collection. A true do-it-all shoe, it will take you from the beach to the bar and just about everywhere your thongs can't take you.


Photos courtesy of:, GQ


In the early 1930's a boating enthusiast was walking his dog on a winter's day in Connecticut. What he was surprised and amazed by was the dog's ability to grip over icy slippery surfaces. Upon closer inspection and contemplation he noticed that it was the herringbone-like grooves in its paws which gave the dog its grip.


With this discovery a similar wavy pattern was 'split' or 'siped' into the rubber soles of boating shoes causing a marked (no pun intended) improvement into the grip of boating shoes at the time. By 1939 the US Navy had recognised the benefit of boat shoes in their current form and had commissioned for their manufacture to issue to its sailors. 


To us the boat shoe is an elegant statement of steadfast functionality and supreme comfort. For us it was important that we found the softest leather for comfort and pliability. 


We have also respected the original construction methods by hand sewing and topstitching our boat shoe and employing a rubber sole marked with herringbone grooves.


The result, we think, is the softest, most comfortable boat shoe without compromising functionality.


And anyway, isn't it about time you were sick of your havaianas snapping on you?


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